Bullet Journaling – Going App Free to organize

I’ve tried a lot of different thought organizing tools over the past year. in order to get a better grasp on my time, projects, and recreation i’ve bounced from different idea to idea, but the Bullet Journal is by far the most effective method i’ve tried so far.

What is Bullet Journalling?

Its a journal system with rules for organizing three things: Tasks, Events, and Notes over time.

I haven’t spent enough time to wax poetic about all the nuances that make it better than every alternative out there, but I can safely say that there is a sense of accountability that follows with carrying around your organization bible.  Tasks are easy to reference and the at a glance summary of how I spent the previous month is incredibly satisfying.

As opposed to my google calendar, which is how i’ll need to allot my time based on my future obligations, these things aren’t necessarily more broadly important for me to remember, so referring back to it as a summary of how I spent my past month is relatively useless.  This is curated, and easily so because that cruft never gets introduced into the Journal in the first place.

This has not, and obviously cannot replace things like calendar events for work related items, but for less strictly time sensitive items and for personal, events, notes and goals its just the right amount of scaffolding to support it.

I’ve really enjoyed it.  Watch the video and if you decide to take the leap I recommend grabbing a grid ruled Moleskine notebook to get you up and running.

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