Well underway – Week 3

Three weeks in and already onto our second programming language (3 really, if you count a cursory introduction into Javascript).  I can already see how jQuery will be useful and that I don’t want to start any sentences with it on account of that lower case ‘j’.

Its a relatively satisfying change of pace to see functioning code make immediate changes in a browser window as opposed to the command line for the past two weeks in Ruby.  Although we’re accomplishing similar tasks jQuery is less abstracted from the end user… who I sympathize with having been one three weeks ago and by all accounts also still being one today.

Three weeks means our third textbook as well and Learning jQuery 3rd Edition is proving a little more dense and less elegant than Eloquent RubyJavascript and jQuery are also more dense and a little less elegant than Ruby, so it feels at little consistent at least.

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