#DevYear – Creating time to grow

As shown by the frequency of updates to this blog my focus has been squarely elsewhere since the beginning of the year, but i’ve got a good excuse.  I promise.

At the start of this year I began working as a QA Engineer at an exciting start up in Portland and i’ve barely had a chance to stop and catch my breath since.  Rereading my last post I realize that I still have the same goals, but I need to be smarter about giving myself the room and prioritizing my time in order to be successful.  I’d like to have a killer #DevYear, but i’d also like to crush it at work as a QA Engineer.

How do you set aside time to grow?  It helps if you like what you do, and I do.  But beyond that simply saying that you’ll apply yourself when free time presents itself isn’t enough.

My goals are heavily anchored around projects, realistic and attainable projects that achieve things I want for myself and require me to grow in areas I desperately want to.  If I have a project as opposed to a learning goal I can schedule time and adhere to it much more strictly and quantifiably.

The culmination of that is in two large ongoing projects:  An online magazine and a web application.

By focusing my work around these projects instead of a nebulous goal like “I’d like to become proficient at [insert skill here]” I have created deliverables for myself.

I plan to really grow my skills in the following areas by executing on these projects:

  • Web development with Ruby and Javascript
  • Writing long and short form articles
  • Visual design (UX/UI)
  • Project Management
  • Time Management and estimates
  • Business planning
  • SEO, traffic creation, and online advertising

Just as i’m agile in the workplace I plan to be agile in my implementation of these personal projects.  An MVP for the web app and Magazine to be debuted sooner than later.  Watch this space.

Talk to you soon,