It’s Too Late To Stop Encrypting Now

Its been a rough few years for someone who tries to be an optimist on the internet, but if I can’t always be upbeat i’ll settle for opinionated.

We’ve had to contend with the revelations of the massive Snowden leaks, Huge data leaks from the Public and Private Sector, and now a flood of very misguided “security” legislation that seeks to undermine our best tools securing our data.

I’ve poured together some thoughts on why we can’t stop fighting for encryption.

Spying on the early internet was in many ways external, physical, and subject to all the old paradigms of law enforcement. Its not until now, decades into the modern computer revolution, that we’ve collectively stopped to take stock of what has changed as an industry.

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Episode #8 – Water on Mars? Android on Blackberry? And other impossible things…

NASA announces the discover of flowing water on Mars with High Resolution photos from its orbiting satellite, Amazon announces delivering-packages-as-a-service with Amazon FLEX, Twitter considers cutting loose its 140 character limit to boost its flagging innovation, Apple makes $25 Billion off the Enterprise, and Blackberry announces an Android phone… also news: Blackberry still exists.  All that and more on this week’s episode.

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