#DevYear – Building a better developer

Building a better developer one Johann at a time.

I’ve procrastinated for some time now (admittedly its been a busy year, career wise) on a plan for my continued education, but I think things are finally taking shape and a plan is forming.  In order to continue to grow from a Junior Developer into something more… I need a skeleton to put meat on and #DevYear will be my skeleton. Learning will be the meat on those bones.

What are my high level goals?

Become a better Rubyist

Become a better Javascript developer

Exhibit greater mastery over my developer tools

Learn enough UNIX to be dangerous

Build an ambitious Rails application that uses all of these skills

My toolbox so far:

7 Databases in 7 Weeks

Learn X the Hard Way

Javascript: The Good Parts

Eloquent Ruby


Khan Academy (I need math learnin’ somethin fierce, y’all)

Reddit (I know, I know, but there’s real meat there for my spooky skeleton)

/r/learnprogramming  –/r/dailyprogrammer   –/r/learnjavascript   –/r/vim

Building a plan:

I’ll be posting soon about how i’ll regiment my time in the coming months to try to achieve these goals and will hopefully be able to analyze how helpful each step was in growing my understanding and skill set.