Sleep Hygiene

Or lack thereof…

We were assigned 10 hours of sleep before our first exam and that is the last time I managed more than 8 hours of sleep in this program.

I need a better nights rest for memory and retention, mood, and keeping my brain generally spongy, pliable and absorbent.  So far just going to bed at the right time has failed. is something i’ve been experimenting with along with general good sleep hygiene:

  • Don’t sleep in the same place you work
  • Get enough water during the day
  • Meditate before bed
  • Exercise everyday (okay, this one needs some work)
  • Less sugar and caffeine

I can’t seem to eliminate my computer time right before bed and when I do manage it my mind is filled with code (pseudo code really… if I dreamt in syntax I might be a bit better at it by now).

I almost forgot to close those parentheses just now.

Until then:  sudo sleep