Examine closely

There will be reading comprehension questions following this excerpt.

Project based testing versus question testing:

We’ve had both, but I think its more difficult to demonstrate mastery when you are just regurgitating memorized terms or not directly applying the concepts you are supposed to be demonstrating knowledge of.

An open ended project can quickly swallow you whole, but when you are given clear goals you can scale and plan a project that matches the scope of the guidelines.

I have definitely preferred the project based version of exams so far because they allow me to demonstrate to myself that I know the topics and have a work sample when i’m finished.  Whereas working on a much smaller code example won’t be as useful when its just sitting around by itself to show I can manage the syntax.  Project exams have the added benefit of grading doubling as a code review which means you get more valuable and applicable feedback.

In “Examine Closely” the author compared to different approaches to exams.  List the two methods and three key differences.

Discuss the effect of Plato’s Theory of Forms on testing in education.

Extra credit: In less than three tries and with no references spell the Author’s full name correctly.